Release time:2017-11-02 16:00:00

   Capecitabine, English name: Capecitabine, chemical name: 5'-deoxy-5-fluoro-N - [(pentyloxy) carbonyl] cytidine; trade name:

Molecular formula: C15H22O6N3F
Cas: 154361-50-9; 158798-73-3
Molecular weight: 359.35
Loss on drying: ≤1.0%
Content: greater than 99.0%
Related substances: <0.5%
Melting point 110-121 ° C

       This product is suitable for paclitaxel and anthracycline antibiotics, including the treatment of ineffective treatment of advanced primary or metastatic breast cancer further treatment; monotherapy first-line treatment of metastatic rectal cancer.
       Capatin hydrochloride product quality in line with USP standard, specifications are as follows:

  I am in the new product research and development, and always adhere to the development of safe and environmentally friendly pharmaceutical intermediates and raw materials for the main direction of development, high technology content.
       The pharmaceutical intermediates and raw materials production technology is relatively mature, has reached the leading domestic level of similar products, in full compliance with similar domestic production technology requirements; and in line with industrial policy requirements, can better reduce pollution, energy conservation and improve industrial development The
       The company and the Shanghai Fudan University, Wuhan University of Science and Technology and Jing Chu College of Technology to establish long-term cooperation mechanism, make full use of the technical advantages of colleges and universities, production, learning, research integration of the road, joint research and development of new drugs and product improvement, Reserve generation, research and development of the road, so that products always walk in the forefront of market demand. In April 2016, the company and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Fudan University Professor Chen Fener to establish "academician workstation", in the future, the academician team of experts will be the development of enterprises to provide the most favorable technical support. The company has now made 14 patented technology, and two patents have entered the trial stage of the invention.