About us

   Jingmen Shuaibang Chemical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2005. It is located in High-tech Industrial Development Zone at Jingmen Hubei Province, and covers an area of 20,000 square Meters. Based on the technology of Shanghai Fudan University and Jingchu Institute of Technology, our company has a modern group for the research of science and technology and the development of the products. The company adopts standardized production management mode, committed to the development, production and marketing of anti-tumor and anti-viral drugs in the pharmaceutical intermediates as well as raw materials. The main products are Tenofovir series, hydroxycamptothecin series, capecitabine series of products. The company currently has 80 employees, including 28 college degree or higher staff, 18 professional technical personnel, and has been identified as state-level high-tech enterprises in 2012.

       The company set up the R & D center, production, QC, marketing, finance and office departments. The company has three independent production workshop (production line), a pilot plant (pilot line), to meet a variety of conditions that different types of chemical synthesis unit operation process required. The main equipment are enamel glass reactor, stainless steel reactor, YZG-600 round vacuum dryer, SSW600N centrifuge, RP-65-28 vacuum unit, CTCT-C hot air circulation oven, double cone rotary vacuum dryer , SS-type three-legged centrifuge, ZJ / ZJP Roots vacuum pump and frozen ammonia press ect.

       The detection equipment and testing facilities in quality control analysis room are of good quality and reliable performance, mainly the WRS-IB digital melting point instrument, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, stainless steel distilled water, the card Moisture Moisture Meter, automatic polarimeter, rapid moisture analyzer, titrator, etc., for controlling   the material quality of the production process. In addition, the quality management department also has a sample room to keep the sample according to the company relevant provisions of the management on the sample storage and stability inspection,and inspected regularly the stability of the product so as to provide assurance for the smooth of production and for producing the standard required products.

       Our company mainly develops and produces anti-tumor and anti-virus two series of pharmaceutical intermediates as well as drug raw material, and continues to optimize the existing product technology. At the same time the company is also in accordance with the GMP requirements to improve the company's quality management system and manufacturing system, to strengthen the effective control of the production process, to provide customers with the best products and to ensure the company's steady development.

       The company's main products are camptothecin series: 7-ethyl-10-hydroxycamptothecin, 10-hydroxycamptothecin, irinotecan. The main use: for the treatment of adult metastatic colorectal cancer. This product can be used as second-line treatment for patients with 5-Fu chemotherapy failure. At the same time, irinotecan applications in gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, extensive small cell lung cancer in a variety of clinical trials are ongoing. From the obtained periodical observation point of view , there is a good clinical prospects. 2, tenofovir series: HPA, tenofovir, tert-butanol, fumarate fumarate. The main purpose: the current anti-AIDS first-line drug selection. The treatment of hepatitis B virus also has a good effect. 3, capecitabine series. The trade name is Xeloda, and can inhibit cell division and interference RNA and protein (protein) synthesis. It is suitable for paclitaxel and further treatment of advanced primary or metastatic breast cancer with anthracycline antibiotic regimen treatment ineffective, mainly for advanced primary or metastatic breast cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer and gastric cancer treatment.
       The HydroxyCamptothecin series products of the company won the award for the "key new product" in 2009,  and in 2013 for "Shanghai scientific and technological progress second prize". In 2014, China petrochemical association awarded the HydroxyCamptothecin products "technical invention prize". Tenofovir series products and TDF were successfully passed for the record by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March and December 2014.

       Relying on the technical superiority of Shanghai Fudan University and Jingchu Institute of Technology, our company took the production, learning, research integration of the road, and established the pharmaceutical intermediates technology research and development center.

       Hiring university professors, scientific research institutes of engineering and technical personnel to do long-term consultants, and recruiting colleague graduates with professional knowledge,  the company set up a strong pharmaceutical intermediates R & D team. It took the road of production of generation, reserve of generation, development of generation, to make sure that the products always walk in the forefront of market demand. At present, the company's products have been exported to India, Vietnam and South America and other countries and regions, and the product quality was highly praised by domestic and foreign customers.

       Enterprises on the basis of the production of pharmaceutical intermediates began to expand production capacity and preparation of product upgrades. After the implementation of the project, the company will upgrade all the products, and processed the the company's existing products from the pharmaceutical intermediates directly  into raw materials and preparations. It will not only broaden the product market space, but also improve the value-added products. While the enterprise wins more profit margins, it will further accelerate the pace of enterprise transformation and product upgrading.

       With the strong support of all levels of government, the company identify the "adhere to the chemical-based, medicine-led" development ideas. It gives full exertion to its own advantages, speeds up the structural adjustment and the pace of project construction, and strives to build the enterprise into the largest anti-AIDS drug industry base.